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SONY ミュージックビデオレコーダー MV1 HDR-MV1



SONY ミュージックビデオレコーダー MV1 HDR-MV1




All iPhones since 2G to 5s, running the latest iOS the device support.
Witness the constant evolution



All iPhones since 2G to 5s, running the latest iOS the device support.

Witness the constant evolution


Mika Tajima - Negative Entropy (2012)

Negative Entropy is a series of abstract woven portraits. These works are simultaneously images and material records of their own production. The subjects are aging factories using industrial textile Jacquard looms (a precursor to digital technology) and server colocation centers that comprise today’s cloud computing infrastructure.

Tajima recorded production sounds at several locations in manufacturing areas of Pennsylvania, once a booming industrial region, which included a few remaining textile-related factories in the area as well as a data center network in Philadelphia.

The recordings were then transmuted into digital image files, and then physically translated by a weaving designer into a Jacquard fabric.

The final woven textiles were stretched over custom acoustic panels to function as sound deadening tiles, the same type used in recording studios to isolate sounds made by individual performers.

The looms inscribe their own death, producing a mute visualization of vacant factories and the ascendant industry of immaterial abstractions.”



Non Human Devices

Set of interactive installations manipulating found ‘alien’ projected objects with gesture controls. The ‘objects’ are ‘alleged’ to be discovered by a cosmonaut ‘chimp’ who in 1969 went on a mission and never came back (????!?!?!?) - videos embedded below:

During a recent exploration to Kepler22b, an exoplanet from the Kepler-16 binary star system, Boris Chimp 504 found some metallic objects on its surface. Though the origin of this object is totally unknown, it’s probably a piece of technology from an extraterrestrial civilization. Boris has sent this object in an hyperspace capsule to the Vladivostok Space Center, on Earth. 

It is believed that it’s a part of a machine, a mechanism or a device of some kind. Recent investigations on the object lead to believe that it is an interface to control the position and orientation in space and time of something bigger, a spaceship maybe. 
The device responds to touch, and generates an electric magnetic field that interferes with audiovisual signals and causes space-time distortions. 

In this public installation, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with this “Non Human-Machine Device”, and experience the effects that it causes to audiovisual signals and space-time orientation.

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